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2006-09-16 21:51:04

For the past few months, BOINC-Stats for me has not been reliable. I can understand if a project doesn't have XML stats handy for a few attempts, but at least try and average returns. Adding and subtracting *entire* projects from a users stats makes for unhappy users.


If more info is needed, let me know.


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2006-09-17 07:35:41

I would guess that some project you are attached to is not propagating the right CPID. Whenever you contact that project your other projects get seperated from it, after contacting the other projects they are in and the problem project is out. Updating to the latest client (5.4.11) may help, however most likely you will have problems until the problem project updates it's server software.

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2006-09-17 10:15:18

That happens when your CPID keeps changing. The easiest way to keep the CPIDs in sync is to have one host that's attached to each of your projects.

If you can't do that, set it up so you have like host A attached to projects 1 & 2, and host B attached to projects 2 & 3. If you later want to attach host C to project 4 only, you must either attach it also to projects 1, 2 or 3, or attach hosts A, B or C to project 4 as well. Otherwise the CPIDs will not sync up.
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