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2007-05-09 13:52:51

Hey Message Board,

I'm new to BOINC & BAM, so I'm still trying to feel my way through a few things. That said, I seem to be having a problem getting a project to sync up. I recently added Rosetta@Home to my list of projects. I have a laptop @ home that is currently on 24x7 and is processing only Rosetta projects. Everything is working fine on that laptop & Rosetta is processing & giving points and the whole works, however, I can't seem to add Rosetta to the "My Detailed Stats" section here in BAM. In BAM, the "My Detailed Stats" is only showing the 2 other projects I run (climate Prediction & Spinhenge). How do I fix this so the detailed stats page shows all the projects?


Anthony Babrati
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2007-05-09 14:13:24

I think this can explain that...


In simplicity you must run Rosetta on another of your computers to sync your CPID.
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