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2007-09-09 02:29:22
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I have an account for Seti@home and one for Einstein@home, now I created a BOINCstat account, using my regular username fcn_muc and my fcn-email-address OK on Seti and Einstein there is no username, either you are using email and password or your ID, and these are different from the BOINCstat account. I have a cross project-ID but I don't know how to tell it to my BOINCstat account. Therefore I can't find any of my projects or teams. If I create a Seti@home account, is a BOINCstat account automatically created? And what is the Username and pw for it? I'm able to see the details for me, Christian Noll, but I don't know how to log in! (Therefore I created a new account with different data).
Should I delete this new and obsolete account?
How to log-in by using only my cross-projects-ID?

Btw: I don't want to use my Seti@home Email-address as username for BOINCstat's account, it's to complicated:
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2007-09-09 10:40:49
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You have to use the same email address. That's what functions as the unique identifier, not user name.

PS: When you post your email on an open board like this, it's a good idea to spell it out to prevent the spam bots from getting a hold of it.

Like this... kathryn dot boinc at gmail dot com.
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