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[B^S] Leprichon
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2007-09-26 03:07:12

I have two hosts that both reference the same account, but both have different CPID's...shouldnt they be the same - since the projects are the same and the account is the same???
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2007-09-26 14:40:09

This is a very common problem. Just attach one project to all hosts (like pirates) and eventually the IDs will sync up.
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2007-09-26 15:11:39

Barbud [USA]
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2007-09-26 19:16:07

Quote from BOINC

Cross-project identification of hosts
Each host generates an internal cross-project ID, which is the MD5 of the concatenation of its domain name, IP address, free disk space, and a timestamp. This is reported to the projects that to which the host is attached. The projects convert it to an external cross-project ID by hashing it with the owner's email address (this is intended to prevent spoofing). The external ID is exported in statistics files.

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