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2009-03-10 10:40:02
last modified: 2009-03-10 10:41:35

this faq tells that i've only to have the same e-mail to have the same registration...unfortunatly it isn't so.

i had to login in world community grid with a different username because mine was already token but i used the same password and email of the others project i follow, but when i try to retrieve the registration here, i cannot because the message is: wrong password.

the questions are:



How can i solve?
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2009-03-11 01:09:22

You'll have to use the same username as well, as that's how BAM! gets your account information, and how stats are tracked.
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2009-03-15 19:03:01

i have the same issue, can it be solve?, i cant change my username cause its in use.
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2009-03-16 00:01:12

...i cant change my username cause its in use.

Typical WCG problem since they've decided to identify users by their name and not by their e-mail address.
I think only WCG could solve this.
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