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Thomas Lavergne
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2009-08-30 09:18:01
last modified: 2009-08-30 09:18:37

Hi !

I decided few days ago to change my Country in my profile. But after that, I saw I was losing credits. Each of my projects were going out...

Finally, I found them, in an other CPID...

So, I have two CPID now. At this moment, the original one have got only one project, the others are on the new one. It's not a big deal, but once the old one will be empty, maybe you could delete him. But I would like to know if I can see again my history wich I lost with the new CPID.

So, here the CPID :

The old one : 4f3210cf91b94dec0402ef02b65d44a7 (country : FRANCE)
The new one : ad4fdb99a89ed6d09e7b5edfc632f0df (country : GUATEMALA)

I hope you can do something to fix that (I would like to have only one CPID, with the history if possible...). Thank you in advance,

Thomas Lavergne
Crystal Pellet
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2009-08-30 09:41:48

I think you have to change your e-mail address on your WCG account too and it will sort out within a few days.

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2009-08-31 01:25:34

You show up as "International" on WCG now, but it looks like your stats are all lined up now... 5 projects. They should be properly linked to your BAM! forum account after the daily...
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