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2010-05-22 12:37:39

I am currently signed up for three projects (SETI@home, PrimeGrid, and Roestta@home).
I have the same user name and email address for all projects.
All my machines contribute to all projects.
All projects recognize my CPID to be c68fddc086a77de9d9b412f9e459c065.
BAM thinks my CPID is a41934ef0e0c8a532ecb9cc772b69268.

I have tried the renew CPID button a few times over the past few weeks.

Why can't BAM sync everything up properly?

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2010-06-26 09:01:43

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2010-06-26 15:05:37
last modified: 2010-06-26 15:06:23

Every project with down status caused a delay. For myself it needs a full month to synch between all hosts and projects but i did not tick the renew CPID button.
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