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[BOINCstats] Willy
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2011-05-15 09:22:11

You can edit it as always from your Main account page. Many people miss that the edit icon is shared by the email address, the password and the username.
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2011-05-31 11:35:19

I recently changed my email address through my main account page as someone had stolen it and was spamming the projects admin with untold bounties and blue pill adverts. I was very impressed that the projects picked it up and it saved me a host of time. I have also had similar problems to those mentioned above, but slowly my projects are all coming back into line. Don't forget to check projects that are not supported yet on this site such as almere grid test grid and any others you may have forgotten about.

Having read this thread and wondering where my credits had gone I have just entered every project to check CPID using WCG as my starting point. All were matching, fabulous. I did discover two projects that had not picked up the email change , Freehal (always a law unto themselves) and SlinCa@home. I have changed these now and am hoping to see my stats reappear. Perhaps the other people having problems should go and check those two projects as that may be the issue. It has been 4 days since email change and it is slowly realigning. I think some patience is needed as weekends, projects down or offline etc will all have some impact on the speed of these things.

Anyhow, I hope everyone resolves their issues, and I still think the ability to change email address in main account is a good function and a huge timesaver.

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