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2011-01-26 23:15:34

The following is my problem with my daughters computer and boinc account (1 computer Host 1 daughter Username shaz)

I've read FAQ split CPID many times as advised by many such posts but this problem don't seem to fit

Team page showing Username shaz twice

From the following Project pages the username email and CPID are all the same

Project NFS

Project DNETC

Project Aqua

And even the CPID on the main BoincStats Main Account page is the same

BoincStats Main Account page

Now the oddity starts which I can't explain

Host page

Then I click

Show all Hosts

And I see a half blank Host with little detail other than a different BAM id
but little else Click on each BAM id and

BAM id 261504

BAM id 261505

I'm at a loss with this oddity and don't know how to merge the apparent two accounts
for my daughter Username shaz showing on the origonal Team page

Any help appreciated if at all possible

Thank you
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2011-01-26 23:20:15

PS I thought I was signed into my own account when I submitted this thread ... TheFox ooops
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2011-01-27 04:16:17

Is the host currently attached to all four projects? If so, it could just be that one of the many variables triggered a new CPID, and the other projects and stats site have not changed their information to reflect the new CPID. I would give it maybe 48 hours and see if everything is lined up properly; if not, we can start looking deeper.
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2011-01-27 14:19:09

Thank you noderaser. Only thing I can add is that its been this way for a week or so
and I kept thinking it would realign as in FAQ but not so far. Also the username shaz
which is my daughter has one computer with only three projects attached i.e.
Aqua NFS and DNETC. We're a family team five members running six computers
My account has two hosts all others one as I'm the family IT guru so to speak
my partners also has a split cpid but I think I know what the problem is there
It's just my daughters account that causing me problems since she's competing
against her two brothers (you know the score lol) Will give it another 48 hrs and
add plus 48 to title so you know I'm still in lumber Thank you again
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