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2014-04-30 18:32:36

Hi So I have been a BOINC'r for over 5 years and amassed points across a lot of projects, I just joined BOINCstats team last week. I read the posting notes and have waited for Sunday to come and go before posting here.

I have 1 x username; Scalextrix
When I search this brings up 2 x BAM ID; 178436 & 2719314
These are linked respectively to 2 x BOINC CPID; fa39daf3650c847e505cc87ecc0561a4 & db3cf00a057e85fa2d8fa41cebca423c

2719314 (db3cf00a057e85fa2d8fa41cebca423c) has most of my active projects, indeed the projects were originally distributed more evenly between both IDs, but overnight on Sunday most of my active projects transferred to the 'right' ID.

However for Climate Prediction and QMC, even though when I look on each project website the CPID is db3cf00a057e85fa2d8fa41cebca423c, its still showing as CPID fa39daf3650c847e505cc87ecc0561a4 on BOINCstats. My username and email addresses are the same for both projects and for BOINCstats, and for all my other active projects.

Spinhenge I have not been able to access the account and AQUA@home is retired so I don't know how to get the credits for those, but right now Im trying to get all active projects under the 'right' account.

Please help, thankyou.
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2014-05-01 02:14:29

CPDN and QMC are not currently exporting new stats files so your updated CPID from them is not making it here to get updated. For them you will just have to wait until they export stats again.

Based on your post I think the answer is no, but if you were using BAM with the project connected before AQUA retired you could select "Sync retired projects" under the My BAM -> BOINCstats menu and it would update the CPID on your new one in the archived AQUA stats here. Otherwise you can't get retired projects connected because there is no way to show the same named account at AQUA is you because usernames at projects (some exceptions like WCG) don't have to be unique.
BAM!ID: 165665
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2014-05-02 18:20:44

Apols, I did try to reply yesterday but it wouldn't take my post.

You are right and Im fine with losing Spinhenge and AQUA, after all Im in this for the science, not the scores.

All I really want is CPDN and QMC ported over to the CPID with all my other active projects, is there a way to stimulate the projects to export the stats?

Thanks Jeff17.
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2014-05-03 01:31:33

It takes action by the project admins, they're processes that are stopped for some reason.
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