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2017-03-28 23:30:32

Interested in DD@H? We interviewed one of their lead developers:
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2017-04-01 23:23:42

Our server is ready... are you ready crunchers?
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2017-04-04 07:07:14

Due to some fraud made by part of the team, Me and Goofyx decides to cancel our activity on this project and finish all cooperation with rest of the team.
So, apologise to all volunteers but we had lost half year of work here, and I'm afraid than you too
Dirk Broer
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2017-04-04 23:33:32

Please read your forum, krzyszp. ANDREY VORONKOV: "I am ready and happy to ask Krzysztof Piszczek and Krzysztof Faryna to continue their work on DrugDiscovery@home and ready to transfer to them a leading role in DrugDiscovery@home project instead of me".
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