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Joined: 2010-06-29
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World-rank: 23

2010-08-27 22:55:32

Right attitude, keep on pushing to the last wu, everything counts !!!
Megacruncher TSBT
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2010-08-28 00:06:06

The challenge is over. As has long been clear Sicituradastra. have won. Well done! Latin scholars everywhere rejoice.
At a less exalted level TSBT, thanks to a 119th hr WU from Aardvark, barged past TSWB to claim a top 10 finish. :-D
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2010-08-28 00:19:26

Team Starfire World Boinc & TSBT was a fight to the end ;-)
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2010-08-28 00:40:56

Thanks all for joining..
A special Anchovy topped Moon Pie* to PinkPenguin if he so desires one..
*(can also be traded for anchovy pizza)
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2010-08-28 01:37:04

Ohh! and were was I when we went over the goal line?? ;-p I had of course gotten myself busy somewhere else.. as in itself is pretty bad of me - since i issued this challenge.. ;-)) but you are all doing fine.. so no problem, ehh? ;-D Thanx to each and one of you for participating in this challenge! I am also quite surprised about the outcome for Sicituradastra. I knew they are star guys - but still they dont stop amazing me ;-)
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