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2013-02-02 03:37:57

@Pwrguru - At first read your 2nd statement sounds sincere, but then after thinking about it; All of your statements are funny! Working together? To what end are you all working when you temporarily join another team? Not the project, they get your wu, regardless of your affiliation. Not BoA, the team jumpers seem to change lend-lease teams each challenge. Lastly, Lonely? Are you kidding me? I'm not the one who has to pack up, leave my team for the week and settle in with another one to find some friends! XD. Good one!
Young Mr Grace
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2013-02-02 17:06:47

You've all done very well!
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2013-02-02 22:22:14

@Rau: I don't see where people are jumping Teams every Challenge. Myself I can only remember switching Teams 3 times in any Challenge & one of those times was to join the SICI Team in one of the GPU Challenges. The only reason some of us switched this time was because there was only a few of us that were going to run the POG's challenge so we decided to help the Aussie Team out. We went into the Challenge having no idea how we would fair against the other Teams. So the SICI Team had just much chance to win the Challenge as we did ...
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