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2014-10-22 09:30:47

Twenty-fourth edition of the serie of challenges between teams [Twenty Four] issued by the french team "BRIGADE DU COSMOS". [Twenty Four] serie of challenges aims to celebrate an important day of the year. 24 hours of intense crunch tribute to this day ! 36 months previously, the team BRIGADE DU COSMOS, my team, made his first steps on the SETI@home planet ! It was necessary less than 2 years for the {BDC} to become the team number 1 in France but also to raise itself in the international top 100. All these extraordinary performances made possible thanks to my teammates who made of this team one of the best teams of the SETI@home project. Happy birthday {BDC} ! 3 years of crunch and we didn't say our last word. Come in large numbers to celebrate this event ! You're all welcome !
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2014-12-08 20:16:47

Happy Birthday BRIGADE DU COSMOS ! Thx for all great events Keep on crunching :T
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2014-12-08 22:50:25

congrats BDC good job :T
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