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Bill Michael
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2015-09-23 06:59:31

I signed up for a couple of projects based on the description given here, AND reading their project home page… and didn't find out they didn't support Mac OS until I got no work and did some digging into why.

BOINC's list of projects includes icons out to the side indicating Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, etc., (plus a VirtualBox icon which is nice since some can't/won't run that). It's a pain to keep toggling back and forth from BOINC to here when deciding on a project, so if it's easy to grab that info and add it to the sign-up page here, that'd be great!
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2015-09-26 22:49:39

The tell-all should be the "Applications" page of each project, which lists the various programs the project uses and what OS they are compatible with.
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