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2016-06-25 18:16:56
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I see many statistics for CPU comparisons but I dont see any for GPU specific stats? I see many questions in the forums about which GPU card is the best for maximum processing but NONE of the answers appear to be "authoratative" they all appear to be "opinion". It would go a long way if there was a GPU stats page that showed all of the processing by GPU type and not just Nvidia vs, Intel vs etc... but listing all GPU cards attached to projects and thier stats like the CPU stats that shows average credits per CPU second, etc...

Also, I am not so sure that the current CPU statistic are currently correct! If you sort the list by CPU it appears a celeron or Xenon is processing more than an Intel I7, that cant be true
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2016-06-26 08:18:48

For a host we only get a single number of granted credit. There is no differentiation in CPU/GPU credits. Therefor it's impossible to know how many credits the CPU has generated and how many credits were generated by the GPU. Therefor these credits are all awarded to the CPU (a long long time ago there were no computation GPU's so the stats were created for the CPU's).

The credits are still not specified and doing so from now on will still result in wrong stats since all the history is lost.
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2016-07-05 11:41:09

It may be a little outdated, but the PrimeGrid home page has a link which gives a perspective on comparable GPU processing. I use it mostly for determining what I want to pay for a used GPU for my "computer farm". Hope this helps.
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