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2016-12-06 19:21:09

I quite often look at the BoincStats' detailed stats (which I think is brilliant BTW), and it occurred to me that there is one thing in particular that frustrates me and makes me look at Free-DC because it isn't readily available on BoincStats, and that is on the "Project List" tab of "My Detailed Stats". I think it would be great if it could show a "Today" column listing the 'stones accumulated for each project since the last Daily Update. I find this invaluable information as it tells you at a glance that whatever changes you have made to your choice of projects and their priorities is working across your hosts.
Some might say that the screen is wide enough as it is, but you could actually save a bit of space by changing the column headers of "World Position", "Team Position" and "Country Position" so that the header was split into two lines as has been done for numerous other column heads like "Credit / month" etc. You could even do this on "% of Total" for that matter.
I have no idea if this information is easily extracted from the current data, but the choice is currently to select each project individually to find this information or to use something like Free-DC.
Just a thought.

[BOINCstats] Willy
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2016-12-10 14:41:18

Added the column as "Today". Wasn't able to test it properly since we're in the middle of the daily update but I guess by tomorrow morning we all know if I can still code.
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2016-12-10 17:39:57
last modified: 2016-12-10 17:40:51

Great addition, Willy. You may want to change the header on column "credit/day" to yesterday or something to avoid confusion among those new to the site. As is, it could be wrongly interpreted as RAC.
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2016-12-10 17:50:20

Early days but that looks brilliant! Love it! Thanks.
I would still suggest that - unless there is a good reason not to - that you might want to consider doubling up those column headers to help stop too much scrolling right and left for those who don't have a 1920 wide screen or very good eyesight.
Thanks again.

Steve Dodd
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2016-12-10 18:48:22

+1 Great addition to the site, Willy!
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2016-12-12 21:21:05
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[BOINCstats Willy wrote:

Added the column as "Today".

What does it contain?
For "credits of today" its to small.

Edit: Sorry, i did not see, that the order in this forum is false. I have seen the answer as question and vice versa.
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2016-12-24 19:06:43

[BOINCstats Willy wrote:
Added the column as "Today".

I can't believe I just noticed this. Thanks, Willy. Well done!
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