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2004-10-10 03:04:51

I haven't found a link to the different projects yet (they may be there, just haven't found them yet).

My suggestion is to make the project status reports (top left hand in the menu) into links to the main pages of the project. That way we all can switch easily to the projects in question (for instance if we want to check em out for a new project or something.)

Should be simple...

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2004-10-10 04:07:53

On the main page at the bottom are the logos of the projects, each of them clickable, leading to the projects main page.

Is that sufficient?

2004-10-11 03:32:38

Yeah it is basically, however the status indicators are shown on most pages making the links available on most pages of your website in stead of only the front page...

Just a suggestion, isn't a big deal.....
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