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Tuna Ertemalp
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2017-04-30 19:55:47

I had mentioned this in a post many eons ago, but couldn't find it, thus a new post. I think this would be a useful feature...

On, to determine whether a project is online or not, a URL is looked at. Sometimes, even if rarely, BS says something is online that is not responding, or says offline when the project seems to be up. So, it would be nice if those cells also linked to the URL that makes BS thinks the way it does. This way, the users can report on project forums things like: "Hey, you look offline to BS because you forgot to update info on this URL" etc.

Similarly, for the other cells. If they are coming from a URL (even if it is a URL returning an XML), it would be great if they pointed to the URL that return the data behind the Software version, results to send & in progress, awaiting workunits, the backlog etc. Again, some projects forget to generate this XML regularly, or consistently, or unaware of any bugs in generating them, or move them around, etc. These links on BS would make it easier for people like me to go bug the project admins.


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