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2017-05-01 08:39:03

Please could you effectively, very simply and very easily shorten the width of the column headers on the Project List view?
In much the same way that you have shortened the width of the columns "last day", "last week" and "last month" by splitting the column title into two lines, could you please consider splitting "Current Credit", "% of total", "World position", "Team Position" and "Country position".
This very simple change would provide a dramatic change in the layout, helping to avoid scrolling right and left, helping people who have either small screens, or use their screens in portrait mode.
It is hard to imagine a simpler change, and it is one that really could affect people in a positive way. I hate unecessary right-left scrolling!

Tuna Ertemalp
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2017-05-04 16:51:42

I'd second that. Not all my hosts are on large resolution monitors. And, some of them are attached to far away TVs, so I have to put them to 150% display to see anything from the couch. Yeah, I know, first world problems... But, the bottomline is, I have a few hosts where I have to keep scrolling to the right to see things fully.


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