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2018-06-21 21:05:10

Currently there are 2 options for .sig
- the "BOINC Combined" summary (.../project/sig.png)
- the "project list" where all projects with credit are shown

Problem is the 2nd option can be quite long, specially when participaing in several project, which later on, become retired, or just not that interesting. I started in 2002, so I've added/removed projects lots of time...

So, in my case, the 2nd option is a list of 21 project but over the years, I've focused just on a few (9 today).

I'd like then, to have a 3rd option for signature, similar to option 2, but where I could limit the number of projects shown to a number given by the user; something to be added to the URL like https://.../sig.png?top=5, so it will show my top 5 projects (with more credit) and a 6th line with "others" credit.

Also, 2nd request, is to add the date where I started to participate in those project, like a new column in the list, with the "since" date for each project.

Hope to see it soon!


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