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2018-07-14 13:51:25
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I have looked around the site a bit and I have not been able to find a comprehensive stats of BOINC Combined Host by GPU.
There are list for Host CPU breakdown by Brand and Type, but nothing about the GPUs.

May be I'm a naive and know little about the impact of such breakdown if it was made to the public, but ... for comparison reasons, why not?

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2018-07-14 19:51:39

As far as I know and have seen over the years the BOINC (program and the projects) does not distinguish CPU vs GPU credits.

Some tasks on some projects can be run on BOTH CPU & GPU (SETI is one example).

It has been asked for before on various BOINC tracking/credit sites (including here) and also on the MAIN BOINC FORUMS to add this "feature" to the BOINC program and would require someone to write the (very complex if not almost impossible) code for the program to do so.
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