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2019-08-15 09:39:00


Is it possible to create a tutorial for merging account.
Why ? Because some says "impossible" and some says the opposite

To be clear :
a user with two account, so differents user ID and of course not the same CPID, with different accessible mail,
Also login/pwd of BAM account wel known. And no common project running on both BAM
How to merge without lost of credits ?

The correct procedure, step by step. For sure after new BoincStatsBAM (some functions disappered !)

Example BAM1 and BAM2 (mail bam1@bam en bam2@bam
What we need to do ?
first mail change on one BAM, waiting a fewx days for sync ? Then CPID renew ?
Or perhaps on each PRJ, one by one, changing mail (PID will not change !) and waiting sync ?
Or something else ?

So Admin, it would be nice if we have a "HowTo"

Best regards

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