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2020-10-10 00:51:37

I would like to change my BAM password and have it change all my project passwords.
I created an account from the original site with a different password. But I can't add that project from BAM without changing the project password to the BAM password. Why are all the places I go on singing in is this the only site that you can not change your password.

This is for suggestions form. I need to change my password.
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2020-10-13 18:46:40

? At you can change your BAM! password when you click the Edit button. BAM! can however only manage your projects if your BAM! password is the same as the password you use for the individual projects. In other words: all project passwords and your BAM! password need to be the same.
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2021-12-07 06:03:02
last modified: 2021-12-07 06:03:52

This is a huge security risk.
Some BOINC Projects don't use SSL/TSL on their website. If every project including boincstats has the same login details, that's pretty bad.
This is really the only thing that is essential for BAM to change
Password per project...
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2021-12-07 08:04:47

At least the password is not send "as is" to the project, a hash is used. Unfortunately, the hash is pretty weak (md5). Can't change this to a better hash unless the BOINC web code is changed.
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2021-12-09 06:19:29

What you can do is use your weak account key to attach your machines to projects wherever possible.
I think there are a few projects that don't support it, but for the rest you can do this.
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