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2006-08-02 09:41:17


when you open some entry in the project list menu (on the left), then the page is reloaded to display all the subitems for the project. As the project list is getting bigger all the time, you need to scroll down again to see those sub items.

My suggestion therefor is to add HTML anchors to all the projects in the project menu and to go the respective anchor again, when opening or closing a project menu. So for instance you might put an anchor "vtu" just before or after the link for opening/closing the VTU@home project and then have that link point to (note the additional #vtu). This would lead to automatically scrolling down to the VTU project menu when the page is reloaded to display the menu items for the VTU project.

Ciao, Michael.
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2006-08-21 19:51:08

I think this would be quite useful, as the column is starting to get quite long, and there is no possibility to shorten it for project junkies like me
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