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2006-09-27 16:55:40
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Hi Willy,

my english is'nt the best so i cant follow all the treads here...
So maybe it's a double post.

There is something i don't understand.
Spinhenge is my example.
On the Spin Server-Status page is written today:
in database 4,166 (all)
with credit 2,793 (active)

If i take a look to the BOINCstats of Spin now i see direct under the XML-update infos on the top followind datas:

User: All 2,711 - Aktiv 1,890

I know there are nearly 12 hrs to aktuallize the datas.

Spinhenge has between 75 and 250 new user a day, so i cant understand these really big different.

It really looks like not actuell for me...

(This is not a problem, i think all projects are done by the same way so between the projects the reallity is equal)

Can you explain it please!

[BOINCstats] Willy
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2006-09-27 16:59:16

For BOINCstats a user is active when he/she has credit credit granted (= credits in the XML export increased) somewhere in the last 30 days.

I don't know how Spinhenge calculates active users.
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