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2006-10-09 07:38:50
last modified: 2006-10-09 07:40:42

On my signature image, there's a blank line where I'd expect my NanoHive stat to be. The same thing happens on my time signature image.

What's causing this? I have a credit of 1.0 (same as my team's credit) and BOINCstats picked that up a few days ago, but the blank line is still there.

I checked some other users who have done NanoHive work and don't see the same thing happening to them.

The blank line is more obvious on the non-banner image. But a similar thing is effecting the banner image too.

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2006-10-10 06:28:14

I think it is a problem for very low credits at a project. I notice on my team graphic there is a blank line where Xtrem should be. The team has some 0.2 credits on that project.

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