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2004-11-27 04:05:43

Is it possible to set up a page that could display a certain user or team's raw XML data? Or, is this is already possible without downloading the project's entire user database? If not then it would be nice to go to something like user.xml?cpid=[CPID] or similiar so that I could parse my own personal data without having to download a whole bunch of other people's stats.

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2004-11-27 05:16:28

It is possible, but I won't do it, at least not at the moment.
The server is already under a lot of stress (you might have noticed that it takes a while to load the site at times).

So, I might do it in the future, when I have the balls to buy me a dedicated server 8)

2004-11-27 05:33:28

Yeah I've noticed the server is a little slow.

Thanks anyways. I hope you don't mind that I've been using PHP to tweak my BOINCstats signature graphic a little... Hopefully I will figure out how to append my own background image to it. Images generated with PHP seem to be filtered out here so I've just put a link to it instead in my signature.
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