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2004-11-28 19:36:13

Here's an idea you could implement sometime in the future:

Add a search history area underneath the search field. In here could be the last 5 or so searches done by the user, which could be stored in a cookie. I seach for mostly the same people (myself) and this point-and-click would be a nice 'convenience' feature.

2004-12-02 20:06:33

hmm, why don't you just bookmark your personal stats page?

[url=' target='_blank][/url]

2004-12-03 09:39:01

Thats true for myself, but it would still be useful if I decided to monitor any arbitrary set of users. It would not be nice to change bookmarks once I decided to look at the progress of another user.

It would give BOINCstats some additional 'uniqueness,' and hey you never know when it may come in handy. Plus it shouldn't be too hard to code if there's any free time available.

2004-12-03 17:22:27

Use Mozilla and you can bookmark a whole set of tabs (separate pages) and open 'em all with a single click. 8)

2004-12-03 21:31:08

or opera.

2004-12-06 06:56:05

Good points but I'm worried the address(es) will change since they are still being updated often, and CPIDs also look like they change aswell. Also, bookmarking the search itself does not seem possible (search form probably using post method, hiding the query variables).
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2004-12-06 12:40:09

You can bookmark the search like this:
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