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2004-12-04 13:49:59

I noticed you reduced the amount of decimal places. If I recall, you used to have more so stat positions could be more exact. What happend when you reduced the decimal places to two, was the stat "Contribution to total credit" in the User Stats basicly was dumbed down to a simple 0.01 percent or something. I thought it more informational (word?) to have the extended decimal places. I used to have a number like .007548726, which made better sense than .01.

With the extended decimal places, you could see change over time, but now it would take on heck of a change to make that number different.

So I guess the suggestion would be to use the extended percentages for this stat specificly if possible. ops:

Keep up the good work, I use your site exclusively.
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2004-12-04 17:00:50

Hehe, there was another suggestion to reduce the number of decimals....

In the database, there are still 6 decimals however.

2004-12-04 18:46:59

I used to have a number like .007548726, which made better sense than .01.

yea, i agree with that, more d.p.s in contribution to country total/boinc total as these are likely to be tiny numbers for many users

2004-12-13 17:38:56

I see you made an adjustment... and I like it!

Again, keep up the good work, I really appreciate your time and effort.
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