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Gerry Rough
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2007-03-19 08:59:42
last modified: 2007-03-19 09:09:32

Right now, the number is stated as "Accumulated more credit than % of all BOINC users." But this number is very skewed. I think it is all users who have signed up, with or without credit. When I started out recently with a new box, it started out at 40 or 45% or something like that, and within a day or so that box was upward of sixty or seventy percent.

So, how about a more accurate numer either added or replacing this % number. How about "Accumulated more credit than % of all current BOINC users." This number would reflect those still in the database that have earned credit in the last, say, three or six moths or something. I think it would be a much more accurate picture of true ranking.

Happy crunching!

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