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2007-05-17 13:46:25
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In stead of comparing countries by their absolute credits it would be very interesting to learn what the statistics would be per capita.

Not only interesting, but also a bit more fair since how can you compare the United States with any small country.. The only relevant info would be that there are a lot more people living in the US than in that country (neglecting PC integration in other countries, etc..).

BOINC!STATS Team, this is a request to you, I am afraid. I am sure it would require only a little programming.

Everyone vote with me, please, and add a "Yes, I would like this too" or a "+"-rate or anything alike in this thread.

Cheers & peace to all,
a curious M*F* (Mister Fake, I am sure ;-) )
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2007-05-17 16:49:28

Ever saw this table?
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