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2007-05-31 11:58:36

I imagine that it's already been suggested, but I'll like to set up one of my hosts to represent another country yet still have it under an umbrella within my account. I'll like it to be representative of my father who lives abroad. Is this likely to be implemented?

I figure as it is now, I'd have to create another account for him and add it to a newly created team in order to show any sort of relationship between the systems.

To put it simply, I'll like to get stats for different countries under one account; however, I'm thinking that it would depend on the individual projects and I'll have to stick to creating a team.
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2007-07-01 14:52:31

This can't be done with a single user account. You need to create two accounts, then create a team and make both accounts members of the team. And you have to do this in all projects.
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