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2007-07-28 03:54:06

How about setting up a Send to a Friend feature to make it quick and easy to recruit family, friends and colleagues right from BOINCstats, much like this WCG page? We'd need to write a nice, concise description (in multiple languages, of course) of what BOINC is and how people can help (including maybe a quick list of setup steps), so that the wheel doesn't have to be reinvented every time someone wants to pass this on to someone else. Maybe there's even a way to track how many new folks come to BOINC this way - might make for nice publicity for BS (?).
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2007-07-28 13:39:44

It already seems to exist in the BOINC web code. Seti has a link on their front page.

Yes, I know we're not using the entire web code here, but it's a starting point.
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