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2007-10-19 16:27:08

Snippet from "My detailed stats":
BOINC World position (based on incremental update) 1,387
-4 since daily update
My position in the daily update was 1,384, hence the difference is +4, not -4. I suppose this should be interpreted as "4 positions lost", but it's not at all intuitive. Perhaps it would be better to drop the plus and minus signs altoghether and instead use the green up-arrow for positions gained, and the red down-arrow for positions lost.
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2007-10-23 15:11:14


I agree that both +4 and -4 would be confusing, and the best way would be using the up and down arrows.
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2007-10-28 15:39:55

Changed the indication to the arrows. Now why didn't I think of that myself?
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