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2005-05-16 10:57:54

A lot of recent comments and discussions have centred around the delays in statistics caused by projects not updating their XML files.

Your site shows when XML files from projects were last updated. However, a user can't look at that information and their own statistics at the same time.

Perhaps you could include the date the XML files were updated in the left part of the screen near the status scheduler information or the status information further up? It would make it easier for existing users (well, at least for me ) who want that info and help new users work out why their stats weren't up to date.

Keep up the good work.
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2005-05-16 11:47:19

The 'last-update-time' is on the fron page and on the Projects-stats page. I'm not going to put it on the menu bar. The top of this bar is crowded as it is, and I want as much info in the top as possible. In 1024x768 it already shows only the scheduler and the menu, so putting the 'last-update-time' there as well will make the menu partly invisible (without scrolling).
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