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Piotr P. Karwasz
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2009-05-14 20:20:18


Being a European user I would be pretty much interested in seeing statistics that sum up the results of all the European countries to see how it compares with the American continent. For example World Community Grid shows that the number of European users is twice that of the North American ones (which counting a population twice as large is not really a surprise). Could you add virtual countries such as the European Union or the different continents to the country statistics (obviously taking them our of the ranking).
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2009-06-01 08:23:09

This is actually a very old idea.

I don't think we can just throw the EU into the mix of countries, since it would set back most other countries one position, and the EU isn't a 'real' country like the US.

So, we can do a battle of the continents, or a battle of unions.
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