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2005-07-12 19:32:35

Hi Willy,

First of all ... belated happy aniversary for your first year of Boincstats. Its
a great site and getting improved all the time.

I was just checking my host stats and if I follow the ling from the
Detailed Host stats to the position in world stats (for the hosts) I
am not able to find my host.

It would be great if there could be a column with the host ID
maybe instead of the CPU type, or as extra column (if space allows).

It seems that the .... 43800&to=100#43874 bookmark to the position
in this page not works (#43874) and when I look at the cpu in the overview
of my host it is a Xeon 3.0 GHz, while a this 43874 position I find a 2.8GHz.

Link to the overview of my host for CPDN (at this time)
[url=' target='_blank][/url]

From here I click the 'Link to position in World stats' to get to the
Link to the world position of my host (provided here too)
[url=' target='_blank][/url]

ow... from suggestion (host ID in the stats) I might have trapped a tiny bug. so please feel free to move this post if it is a bug too
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