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2005-08-22 06:32:24

Hi Willy,

would it be too much work, to implement an "average" user? (Teamresult/no of user) - or somehow like that? SQL is not my business ;-)
I would like this for quick look how I am performing "against" the rest, for balancing the projects.
And it would be a perfect statistic how overall performance is developing.
Pls excuse my bad english - and many thx to you Willy, for the best boinc site in the web!

Best regards

Oliver aka 5th.rider

2005-09-02 17:41:43

Sorry for maybe writng misunderstandable - or is there another reason you don't answer, Willy?
What i liked to aks if you can setup a "virtual" average stats user - representing the average of a team, a country....
You somehow have it done with the country stats/average by citizen. What I would like to see is howe I am performing "against" the average of the project/team/country. Something like (total credits project/team/country/cpu... divided by user recv. credits) ?
You cover e.g. average team in whole - can this be "broken down" to a virtual average?
Again (and last time) - something like a USER "average Netherlands" or "average SetiGermany" is what I´m asking for.

I hope it´s clear now?! Thx a lot in advance (at least for an anwer
You are doing a great work - this is the best STATS-Site in the web!

Best regards to you Willy

5th.rider (aka Oliver)
[BOINCstats] Willy
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2005-09-02 18:14:56

I didn't answer because I forgot. I'm only martian, just like my neighbour.

But your second post clarified what you mean. I'll think about this, sounds like a nice idea.
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2005-09-02 18:39:38

:-) No problem - forgetting or loosing things (like my keys) is one of my favor. hobbies ;-)


I didn't answer because I forgot. I'm only martian, just like my neighbour.

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