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2005-09-14 11:55:55


I see the statistics grow and getting nicer every time I visit the page. But I still have some very small suggestions.
The same could be used for all other absolute rankings like current position in country stats or sign-date stats.

Another thing that came into my mind: I see that you have added "(based on incremental updates)" to make it more clear that there may be differences between some of the numbers displayed on the page. To reduce the number of questions in the forum or in the bug reports (like I did, shame on me) you could think about linking the entries directly to some kind of explaination or FAQ. That way you could easily describe once and for all why there are sometimes differences or how the "more credit than..." percentage is calculated and so on. For instance I'd like to know how many days are used for the calculation of the average values. Such a fact could easily be added to the description of the "average ..." values.
And if that makes the page output very big or cluttered or whatever, you could also just add a single link at the top or end of the page to an explaination of all values.

Ciao, Michael.
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