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2005-11-11 14:45:29

Hey, would be nice if my board-user would be connected with my boinc-user (e.g. to show credits in profile).

I'n my board I'ver realized this by having the possibility to enter one's cross-project-id in the profile and than match it with boinc statistics data.

Think about, not that difficult to realize
[BOINCstats] Willy
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2005-11-11 15:06:22

I did this way back when this board was running on PHPBB. Credit and world-position were visible. The problem was that I had to update the boad manualy every time because otherwise my mod would be overwritten.

This board is a 'not-so-open-source' board, and I haven't gotten around to figure out how to add credit and stuff to this board.

But, when I have the time (read: probably never) I'll add it.
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