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2005-12-09 23:05:00

I realise that everyone runs a different computer, optimized clients etc.

But I would find it useful if a list of various specs and benchmarks were compiled by everyone and freely available, rather than try to find someone with the spec that you want and look at their computer profile.

Also statistically, maybe if enough results are 'compiled', a true average value can be figured out. It'll be a guide for anyone purchasing a new system *like me* and who wants to run BOINC/other Distributed Clients.

I'll go first:

- Best Performing:

Processor: Celeron M
Speed: 1.5 Ghz
Memory: 502.42 MB
Whetstone (floating point): 1303.5
Drystone (Integer): 2697.5

- Worst Performing:

Processor: AMD Athlon Mobile
Speed: 1.8 Ghz (XP2400+)
Memory: 702.48 MB
Whetstone (floating point): 770.50
Drystone (Integer): 1186.09

- Others:

Processor: Pentium 3
Speed: 501 Mhz
Memory: 158.43 MB
Whetstone: 447.56
Drystone: 774.87

Processor: Pentium 2
Speed: 266Mhz
Memory: 95.55 MB
Whetstone: 219.85
Drystone: 381.64

Processor: Pentium
Speed: 133Mhz
Memory: 95.55 MB
Whetstone: 104.78
Drystone: 155.00

NB - That P133 has completed 0 workunits so far - it has done 6 to 55% then all gone to computational errors!

2005-12-10 00:55:04

can't search it i don't think but at least it's something
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2005-12-10 11:09:41

It would be nice to build a database for this, but because the numbers must be given by the owners of the systems, the database will never be 100% accurate, nor can all data be trusted.
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