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2004-09-15 07:34:20


first: great job you do, congrats!

second: my opinion
Please look at the summary-statistics graphics.
The Y-Axe allways starts at 0.
This will lead to the situation, that the
blue coulmns will allways get higher
in the beginning and the delta to the
last column will be get smaller.

How about to start the y-axe with the value
of the first Column?
Or to scale the y-axe with a logarithmic scale like:
The upper half of the scale represents 10 % of the max
value and recursive with the lower half.

John McLeod VII
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2004-09-24 02:18:37

Well, not the value of the first column in all graphs. It would have to be the value of the shortest column. Some of the graphs can go up and down rather dramatically.
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