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2012-10-24 14:32:45


I am the founder of boinc wide team Romania. At boincstats there is listed this URL: "vladdigor . go . ro" (spaces are added by me). But this is not right! I never added this information, I don't know to whom this page belongs, and I can't find a way to edit this info on the boincstats page. Furthermore I can't find any information on boincstats about contact info.

So, I am not sure how or where to report this. Anyone has any clue?

If someone from boincstats is reading this post, here is more info:

boincstats team name: Romania
boincstats team id: 1166


1. Where the above address comes from?
2. How do I edit/delete it?

Thank you.

P.S. That web address is not present in the boinc-wide team and in any of the individual projects teams.
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