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2006-02-17 19:18:50

I am curious about putting together an application similar to your online scheduler with links to BOINC projects as well as up/down status. Is there any way you would be consider sharing your source code on that with me?

Thank you for your time!

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2006-02-17 22:58:51
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My personal (and professional, I use this method at work as well) opinion is: try it by yourself first, or you’ll never learn how to fix things.

I’ll give you some pointers though, should give you a good start

    *Get the scheduler URL’s of the projects you want to monitor
    *Let your program do a http request to the scheduler URL
    *No response: scheduler down. Otherwise it’s up.

I never implemented code to look 'behind' up. A scheduler that responds may not be working correctly.

Please do not PM, IM or email me for support (they will go unread/ignored). Use the forum for support.
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