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2013-10-20 13:43:17
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Yesterday I decided to take part at a Team Challenge "Can we solve the Enigma?". (This is just an example!)
Today(!) finally all my mashines work on this. It took almost one day and I had to suspend other projects manually.

So I did some thinking and want to suggest this: (In open-source this would be an "request" )

Can You imagine an procedure what following do: If I (or someone else ) join a Team-Challenge, this will happen while challenge is active:
- all engines (marked by a Tick-Box) get higher (or highest) priority for that Project as long as challenge is "in Progress".
- all other Projects will get lower priority or will even suspended as long challenge is running (except workunits that running out of time)
- after challenge is "Completed", last preferences will restored.

Wouldn't this be great?
I'd love it!!!

Have a nice day - all you crunchers.
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2013-10-21 03:40:04

After accepting a challenge, you'll have to go to your hosts and do a manual "Synchronize with BOINCstatsBAM!" from the Tools menu. Otherwise, any changes you make at BAM won't be received by your hosts until they check in at their regular interval. I think the default is 24 hours (that's what mine is, don't think I've changed it but have also been here for many years) and there's really no reason to set it to anything more frequent... Unless you're making changes very often, in which case I suggest a more productive hobby.
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