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Rino [Sicily]
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2014-02-26 18:03:29

Good afternoon,
I run boinc in 4 different machines, the oldest runs xubuntu and it cannot manage any gpu wu due to overheating.

Recently I added Collatz that also uses intel gpu and this causes the machine to overheating as well.

In boinc stat I can exclude nvidia and ati gpu but not intel, could it be possible to add an option for this?
Otherwise I could only detach this project from this machine to be able to continue the crunches.

Thanks very much.

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2014-02-26 18:17:04

You can always use the <exclude_gpu> option, look at for instructions.
Crystal Pellet
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2014-02-27 12:07:57

For your Windows machines you could try eFMer TThrottle.

Using that program you may use your GPU's for crunching and avoid overheating.

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