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2014-07-19 18:44:26

Hi users and admins!

I didn't find a direct way for contact so I decided to write a short forum post concerning the problem (I first thought, this was unique to the German translation but it's there in the English version, too).
When I view the statistics charts there are two charts at the top showing my credit of the last few months (1st chart from top) and my credit since I joined the program (2nd chart from top) - but the labels for the charts are exactly switched. The second chart is labelled "Total credit last months" while the first chart is labelled "Total credit". I found this very confusing and possibly there is another explanation than switched titles, but I believe the headlines should be interchanged.

I made a screenshot of the current situation in the German translation, but as told above this is also true for the English charts page.

Maybe you can check the headlines or explain their meaning to me

Thank you very much for considering a change.

Charts screenshot (German, about 324k PNG on Dropbox)
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