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Tuna Ertemalp
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2015-03-31 07:52:47
last modified: 2015-03-31 07:54:26

I was clicking through the "active" projects listed on the left of the screen, and it seems not all of them are really active. Looking at ABC@home and AlmereGrid Boinc Grid, for instance (not meant to be a comprehensive list!), both calculations of RAC show 0. And, looking at their last 40 days, the Credit Per Day is 0 for each day. Heck, the Credit Overview charts show that the last 60 days were without any credit! Clearly not active, even though the Project Status Information shows them as online. Maybe the owners are claiming a project is still active but sort of suspended, or on maintenance, or they (or anybody else) simply forgot to report it as retired, but such projects shouldn't be listed under active projects on BOINCstats. It is totally conceivable, however, that they are listed under a new "Inactive Projects" list under Statistics, so that the curious ones can still see what their past was like.

And, such inactive projects shouldn't even be listed as possibilities in the Sign-up for projects page, either.

Then there are projects like AlmereGrid TestGrid where RAC is 4 but BS RAS is 0. I'd say in that case to respect the RAC and consider them active.

Thanks for listening!

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