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Tuna Ertemalp
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2015-05-24 08:26:14

I was able to get an account on it and already got 452 credits, yet they don't show up in my stats, and the project is not listed under the Active Projects under Statistics. Why? Didn't it cross some credit threshold or awaiting a flip of a bit in the database? I was able to add it via BAM!, so it must be somewhere in the database...


Volunteer tester
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2015-05-24 09:21:31

Doesn't look they export stats (yet):
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Cruncher Pete
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2015-05-24 21:30:39

One of the requirement of Willy is that the Admins request/authorize the inclusion in BOINCStats. If the project is not ready for mass volunteers than if we include it than we are wasting every bodies time for the project is not yet ready. I suspect another reason for not showing up is that it has not exported any stats as yet, but than again, it is my assumption only.
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